9 thoughts on “Be Good”

  1. Actually, I’m missing my year 9s already – I got to mind a class called 10CRAP yesterday, as well as a year 11 English class who were supposed to watch a video on a machine that didn’t want to work.
    I smiled when I saw this title,
    “Be good”. It’s a phrase I use a lot, along with “Be safe.” I guess they both work as a reminder. Though I’ve only had limited success with both versions. Presently I’m looking for a stronger alternative, possible with a warning of possible consequences.
    For example:
    “Be good, or you could be hit by a train.”

  2. Well, just don’t turn you back whem writing on the whiteboard (or learn to write behind your back whilst facing 10CRAP).
    I hope there are no Koreans in the class

  3. A moderate stab wound would keep me off work for ages. I’m presently taunting all Asians at school.

  4. Wow, they look great! Nice top Cathy 😉

    Hope camp is good. I am wondering how much wine Cathy is having to drink to get through the evenings without you this week JP!

  5. Hey Jac – yes, the odd glass of wine has been consumed!! (and good spotting, yes that’s your top there – thanks!). This picture was taken in Otaki last month – we had a great time at the beach.

    Richard – if you are having trouble coping without JP we could make you a version of the ‘Daddy Book’ we made Eleanor – lots of lovely pictures of JP doing various things. She has been kissing the pages goodnight each night this week. Let me know if you’d like one.

  6. While a ‘daddy book’ might help, it might also present different problems if I start kissing pictures of ‘his truely’. I might start mixing up the process of deaning with that of deity. Perhaps it would be safer if I passed on the book. Thanks anyway.

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