Snow and Faeries

We went to Ruapehu and it was misty and bleak.  Eleanor didn’t really enjoy it.  She probably wondered why she was being told to play outside in weather that she would normally be bundled inside to escape.  She wanted to make a snow man but the snow was rock hard and Daddy broke the plastic shovel on it.  By a curious stroke of luck in the single photo I have of Eleanor’s first trip to the snow she appears to be having a great time.


Later in the month Eleanor went to a fairy party.  She had a great time.  Who wouldn’t.  After a couple  of hours with a bunch of three year olds dressing up in wings and running around screaming was looking pretty attractive to me too.


2 thoughts on “Snow and Faeries”

  1. Why is the snow like a performance?
    Because ‘snow business like show business’.

    Sod off Atilla, you crazy hippie.

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