Pictures of Eleanor

It is December. 

I have pretty much taken November off.  School was getting a bit out of hand.  I was finding myself up at 1.00am marking tests, or writing reports, or trying to keep my grand schemes to entertain my Year Nines afloat.  Not to mention that the problem children became more problematic.  Whatever.  This is not a post about school.

Look at the strawberry photo.  I’m a grumpy old bugger but I have to say that pictures like this can even cheer me up.  It reminds you that life actually can be pretty good.  Being three seems to mean you live with all your emotions on the surface, and that joy and agony are a heartbeat apart.  When you get older the heartbeats get further apart, and better disguised, but the rush of blood is only really an instant away.

Eleanor had her third birthday with all of her friends.  It rained and all that three year old energy had to be contained in little rooms with watery windows.  While I was watching them storm around the house, and burst into laughter, and suddenly start dancing, and fall on the floor in tears, and stare with silent wonder at cup cakes, I realised it must be pretty awesome to be three.  A grumpy, depressed Year 9 boy stood in the rain today and said: “Imagine if you were 13 and had to go to school and hated it.”  I regarded him with disdain and watched the rain dripping on to his head (I think he was making a point).  I said, “shall I tell you about my day, or shall we just move on?”  He sensed that we should move on.  Eventually he came in out of the rain and had his lunch.  Sometime later it occurred to me that both of us had once been three.



Eleanor had a blast at her party and exclaimed with delight as she opened each present.  At the family party a couple of weeks ago she also got some nice presents.  Probably my favourite is a little backpack (or “pakpak” as Eleanor calls it).  The next time I took her to creche she wore it.  For some strange reason it gave me that torn feeling of pride and longing.  I feel proud that she seems so grown up, and I feel sad that she is growing up.  Anyway, seeing her with her little pakpak reminded me that she will be going to school in two years.  I already know that this day is going to traumatise me.  You probably think I’m joking, but I’m not.




Some more pictures from November:

Dental hygiene is awesome
Dental hygiene is necessary

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