Saturday morning, 12 June

After a month of rain it was nice to see the dark morning sky lighten to blue instead of grey.  Cathy left the house at 7.00am to go and study for her law exam at 9.30, and Eleanor woke up at 7.15 in a tangle of sheet and a mop of hair.

“What would you like for breakfast?”


She discovered plum jam recently and it is now at the zenith of its popularity.

After breakfast we decide that dancing might be the best way to start the day.  We hold hands and go round and round in dizzying circles while daddy tries to sing Sweet Disposition until we collapse on the ground in a heap.

I say “I wish I could sing like that.”  Eleanor lifts her head off my chest and gives me a consolatory pat.

“That’s ok, daddy.”

My therapist is three.

The next song comes on, and it is the song for the day.

We go to the pool, we have a bath, we go down to the south coast to play in the rock pools.  It would be nice if life were always like this.

3 thoughts on “Saturday morning, 12 June”

  1. Sounds like an idyllic day. Enjoy it while you can. I remember my time with my daughter and son as being the best at between ages 2 and 7.
    You can look forward to repeating the entire experience with your forthcoming addition.
    I envy you.

    I can also remember the most profound statement of my as then 2.5 year old daughter, as this horrendous stench emanated from her.
    No worry Daddy.
    Just Fart.
    No Shit.
    Ah those days of innocence.

  2. I find both the post and the comment really cute. I wish my 12 year old was 2. It was not so cute yesterday when he announced to me “I have a sore asshole” Although I must admit I laughed just because it was so out of the blue and not something you hear very often, if ever. Ah children, so endearing.

  3. Wow!. I really enjoyed listening to that song whilst looking at the slide show of images. It gave me a nice shivery feeling of nostalgia.

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