Led some people with an autotuner to make this:

Which so far has 3.5 million hits on youtube, and has led to other people doing things like this:

Which means this:

Which proves life is pretty friggin weird.  Uncomfortable, weird.  I mean the song is actually good (for real), and the lyrics/words have a bit of power being based on a real event, and coming from a moment of anger, but… well, I am bit irritated by the video shots of the two white boys who made this video/song bobbing away, clapping their hands and having a fine ole time (“Look what we did! Ain’t we cool!”) when it originates out of something that is disturbing and upsetting (home invader tries to rape a family member) that did not happen to them, but to some other people, black people, living in the projects.

Another strand of strangeness is how something created with an autotuner has been turned back into real music by people all over the internet.  Here’s one more, because she’s cool – whoever she is – and she has a nice voice.

We got your t-shirt

You done left fingerprints and all

You are so dumb

You are really dumb–for real

He’s climbin in your windows
He’s snatchin your people up

Tryna rape em so y’all need to

Hide your kids, Hide your wife

Hide your kids, Hide your wife

Hide your kids, Hide your wife

and hide your husband

Cuz they’re rapin everybody out here

You don’t have to come and confess

We’re lookin for you

We gon find you

We gon find you

And, I wonder, do the police really bother with this kind of stuff, in this kind of place, even if he leaves fingerprints?


I went to the school production last night and enjoyed it.  I suppose the auditorium was about two thirds full and after vigorous shushing of the people who think you can interact with a musical the same way you interact with someone you like/don’t like on TV it was a pretty well behaved audience.  I went along to Porkman two years ago and thought this was a lot stronger: the story was good, the actors seemed better drilled, and the music was good.  Actually the young lady playing the Mother/Queen of Hearts seemed very good, and some of the music was really good too and I can see why R (of RBB) was annoyed at having to include one cover version.  The this-side-of-the-mirror plot line with Mike, and the two losers (sorry Gruntled), and Aroha and her mum was the best strand of the musical for me.  When they sang about the fathers not being there it was a little uncomfortable (in a good way) and getting close to being like, you know, real drama, where people get confronted by issues and stuff.  Nice.  And also nice was the two stories coming together in Aroha’s kitchen.

It must have been a lot of hard work.  Well done.  I think you might be on to something.

5 thoughts on “Strange/Fun”

  1. Thanks for the review M of E.
    Hey, that video stuff was weird.
    “Only,” as they say, “in America.”

  2. I’m going to the production tonight, I couldn’t afford to go both nights. Then again, I’ve seen it quite a few times by now in rehersals. The songs have been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now.
    Gruntled Student gets to wear makeup again, he had a bit trouble washing it off, maybe I should have reminded him that my mascara is waterproof.

  3. This leaves me really conflicted (is there such a word?).
    On the one hand it seems funny and the conversion of Antoine’s public statement into a better song than usually (dis)graces the airwaves was clever but, this was a serious crime that could have had disastrous consequences. Trivialisation of it is a worry and suggests that ‘popular culture’ via the new media is on the slippery slope to nowhere. I agree that the preppy white boys jiving around with their smug, ‘look at what we did’ looks is annoying and disrespectful. The trouble is, is that Antoine Dodson has a way of talking and a look that leaves some of the real rappers and TV stars for dead. Goodnight Fresh Prince.

  4. Also irksome is the sign off to the follow up story. Our reporter in the field, Ms. Gentle, says that some have said that putting people like Antoine on the air reflects badly on the community to which she says, “censoring people like Atonine is even worse.” Ugh. Saying both things is dumb, but I can’t decide which is worse.

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