And I love her so.
I wouldn’t trade her for gold.

We  went for a walk this morning up the big hill out the back of our house.  At the top a  view back to the harbour, across the wooden  houses  with corrugated roofs, and  towards  the office blocks, and  almost seemingly able to hear the cars and the buses there and the shops all filled up with jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock and coins in the cash register.  A breeze through the flax  at the side of the path and  you’re glad you’re up here  in the wind  away from it all.  Coming  back down through the pine trees  and along the path to the  golf course  you could see that all the grass is golden brown, and the scent  of the flowers growing wild so sweet it’s cloying.  Long shafts  of grass stalks with neat  heads of seed bobbing in the breezes, and brushing  our arms and legs, and the slow building heat of sweat in the small of my back and across my brow.  Down one side and up the other of the golf  course  lying in a valley surrounded  by trees, magpies alert at the edge of the green, and the muscles in my calves beginning to feel sore and tight.  Soon we’re up and back on the streets heading  for home.  Yellow rubbish bags dotted along the pavement,  and  green recycling  bins  scattered about.  In some  street you can hear the beep-beep-beep of the rubbish truck backing, and somewhere in the council flats a baby crying.    Thinking  about home and the shower I will take when I get there, how good the water will feel,  and how nice it will be to cut  up an apple for lunch and eat it.

Hell I’m gonna be me.
Gonna be free.
Walking on moonbeams
And staring out to sea.
And if a door be closed
Then a row of homes start building
And tear your curtains down
For sunlight is like gold.
Cause if your skin was soil
How long do you think before they’d start digging.
And if your life was gold
How long do you think you’d stay living.
And I love her so.
I wouldn’t trade her for gold.

2 thoughts on “Gold”

  1. I think given the state of the Irish economy it’s quite nice of this fellow not to swap his wife for money.

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