Things I’ve started and never finished (Part 5470)

When  I was playing on the internet to see if my reading challenge was feasible I discovered something  and remembered something else.

Discovery: if you type “the  great [country] novel” into Google a book will always come up even  though the concept is totally ridiculous.  Even if  you type “The great Singapore novel” you get something.  Actually, something that looks quite good and that I look forward to reading because I will inevitably end up in Singapore.  Of course, you also get a result if you type in “The great New Zealand  novel”.  This is a list from the Listener.  It seems a bit unfair that Janet Frame and Katherine Mansfield have the top five spots all to themselves.  Not that I quibble with their quality, they could just be a bit more generous with the list.

Remembered: I once commented to a friend that there every country must have a pop star like Dave Dobbyn.  Someone who has been around for ages, is actually pretty good,  but because they are from an obscure country or sing in a funny language or whatever they are virtually unknown outside their homeland.  This would be called the Dobbyn Phenomenon.  So, while I am doing  my reading challenge I think I will also try and find the Dave Dobbyn of each country that I visit.  How bad could Indonesian rap music be?

4 thoughts on “Things I’ve started and never finished (Part 5470)”

  1. On a similar theme, there’s the possibility of a musical world tour discovering “The [country] Elvis”. Not Elvis impersonators, but contemporaries of Mr Presley, eg the French Elvis, Johnny Hallyday.

    In fact, I now want to google that for every country of the world!

  2. Ha! Take that Singapore Grip!

    Oh, I am so doing that – in fact I have to go and Google Singapore Elvis right now….

    Ok, so it’s an Elvis impersonator not the Singapore Elvis but it’s still pretty fantastic: Eddie Foo – “Eddie has performed and paid tribute to the King at innumerable functions with a geographical spread of venues ranging from Sri Lanka to Kota Kinabalu and over to peninsular Malaysia and to audiences big and small.” Wow, as far as Kota Kinabalu?

    “You have to hear us to believe us”

    No kidding.

  3. Here’s another thought. Every country probably also has their local jazz musicians. Well, in Papua New Guinea they have/had Keith Terrett.

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