And finally this

Last week I  had a rush of blood and made up a reading challenge about flying around the world and reading so-called “great” books.  Well, I have been doing a kind of test run  of that idea and have found that it is actually pretty enjoyable so I am going to do it.  Because it is quite a specific, book thing I think that I will do it on another blog however.  Man of Errors seems to be totally incapable of sticking to one thing for very long, and random  book reviews on this blog would be a bit confusing.  I am going to put all my reviews for this reading challenge on this site: The Reader Regards Himself.

I have decided to take up C.B. James’ dare to read only books that you own but have not read until April (but I’m cheating and discounting library books so that I can carry on with my around the world reading).   I am mainly doing this to reduce my feelings of shame.  I have a massive bookcase in my living room that is rather beautiful and crammed full of books.  When people come over they often comment on (a) the beauty of the bookcase, (b) and the number of books.  Implicitly they assume that I must be quite a clever fellow to have read all of those books, and I – to my discredit – am often happy to let them carry on thinking that.  But let’s face facts.  There are dozens and dozens of books on those shelves that I haven’t read.  I AM LIVING A LIE!

So I am going to read some of those books.

Which goes together well with me giving up TV for 2011.

Now, we all know none of these things will last, but let’s pretend for a week or two.

Have a splendid evening.  See you in 2011.

3 thoughts on “And finally this”

  1. 2009 and the first half of 2010 were TV free times for me, and I really quite liked it. I now find it really hard to sit still during ad breaks- they are so appalling. Good luck with the challenge.

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