Good morning

Some friends came over for lunch yesterday, and the Grans came over for dinner.  It was a good day spent mainly under the sun umbrella in the back garden.

Driving home from dropping the Grans at their homes after dinner I listened to an interview with Max Merritt on the radio.  Curiously I had just been reading about Johnny Devlin (the New Zealand Elvis) and Max’s  name  had come up quite a bit.  The presenter played a few Max tracks from  the late 1950s.  Some of them were pretty good, but Max’s voice improved quite a lot with time.  In the late 50s I think Max was still a teenager, and he often sounded a bit flat, but by the time he had his big hit in 1976 – Slipping Away – his voice sounds  good and strong.

The roads were mostly empty in the hour before midnight, and I got home at 11.45pm.  Probably I should have stayed up but the house was dark and everyone was in bed so I didn’t.  I got ready for bed, and turned off the light.  I suppose I was pretty tired, because I was already half asleep when I heard fireworks and vaguely thought that it must be 2011.

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2 thoughts on “Good morning”

  1. Thanks for that Meteors link – it took me back to my late university days. All my friends and I sort of looked like that (except for the drummer). A good bit of nostalgia.

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