A trip to Turangi

We went away in the weekend to Turangi with some friends.  The plan was to take the kids halfway up Ruapehu and play in the snow.  This part of the plan was very successful.

Standing up to my knees in powder watching a bunch of kids hoon down slopes on their sleds, and build a snow man, caused me to reflect that this was definitely the good stuff in life.  The stuff that comes up every now and then and puts a cherry on top of the day-to-day.

I was in such good spirits that I was able to maintain my mood at 1 am the following morning when Eleanor woke up, ran to the toilet, and threw up, and then continued to do so every hour until 9am.  As we were sitting, sleep deprived and slumped in the shower at 10am, I was able to reflect again, calmly picking bits of sick out of Eleanor’s hair, that even this – in a way –  was a moment we shared, bound by love, and only fleeting.


When I came to work this morning I opened my emails and discovered that a boy I knew at my old school had died.  I taught him as a Year 10 and as a Year 13, and we went on the Japan trip together.  When I read the email I felt drained of life, and my arms (strangely) felt cold and numb.  Such a lovely boy.  In Year 10 he was the most inquisitive student I had ever met.  On the Japan trip he was simply hilarious, and good-natured, and enthusiastic.  I am so sad.

I am so, so sad.

Remember to live, and to look out for each other, and to hold on to the ones you love.

Remember the cherry on the top days.

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