Rosamund’s first birthday was on Thursday, but the party was today.  Last week Rosamund was quite sick, and almost got admitted to hospital on her actual birthday.  Thankfully, after four days of refusing to eat or drink, and periods of vomiting she suddenly decided to accept Gastrolyte from the doctor.  By today she was back to normal, and had a lovely day with her family all around.

She is a beautiful little girl with a sunny heart and we were all pleased to see her smiling again.  Happy birthday, Rosamund.

8 thoughts on “Rosamund”

  1. She is lovely JP. You like me are blessed to have two beautiful daughters.
    I hope they continue to give you many years of joy and delight. The teen years
    can be a bit of a roller coaster, but it gets good again after they are over.
    Keep on cherishing theses ealry years. they are so precious adn they grow
    up so fast! Mine are 19 and 21 now and I can’t beleive how fast the years have

  2. Well I think both your girls take after you JP and Cathy. Like most children you see different aspects and likenessess depending on their moods and facial expressons. This changes as they grow too. My elder daughter looks more like my Dad than I do. My youngest was
    the spitting image of me growing up.Genes are weird and fascinating, but because of htem no one ever really dies, thanks to genetic bit sof us live on in the following generations.

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