Do you believe in God mister?

I think teachers get asked more philosophical questions than probably most people  in their daily grind.  A popular one is: “Do you believe in God?”  Like most big questions I find this hard to answer because the answer is not yes or no, but the audience seems to want a straight yes or no answer.  As far as I can see (which isn’t very far) the spiritual in us is a realisation of our connection to something far wider and far vaster than ourselves.  I could go on, but I suspect – just as in my classes – it is better not to.

What I really wanted to do was share this video with you.  It takes about 18 minutes, and it is really extraordinary and beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Do you believe in God mister?”

  1. Like Saul on the way to Damascus.
    I found this fascinating and also a bit scary. I have had two similar experiences that fortunately have not been strokes but very severe migraine events. Both lasted for several hours and her description of being acutely aware of the nerve and muscle functions of her body are familiar. I remember not being able to understand what someone was saying at the end of a telephone line and not being able to communicate properly. I wrote down some notes that later were almost totally incomprehensible but still had a strange kind of logic to them. The brain is truly mysterious.

  2. Hey, a nice thought for me right now.
    I’d be a much better performer if I could shut up self 2.

  3. Yeah, all that chatter niggling away….

    On the other hand the voice in my head is saying good things right now: “holiday, holiday, holiday….”

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