Five RWC Moments



Does anyone now care about the final?


And seeing as we are being annoyed in this post: I would just like to go on record and say that this silly, immature man needed to pull his head in a long time ago.  He had one good point about the match turn arounds being unfair, but he made that point in an incredibly offensive way.  After that he has had nothing to say except something along the lines of “I am a very, very poor loser who will not be told off and I’m going to throw my toys.”

Here are his intelligent comments on twitter:

* September 18: “It’s obvious the IRB are unjust. Wales got 7 days, we got 3. Unfair treatment, like slavery, like the holocaust, like apartheid. F*** u.

* “I wonder how would these tier 1 teams function with only three days’ rest. IRB stop exploiting my people. Please, all we ask is fairness. If they get a week, give us a week. Simple.”

* October 1: That’s why we need a neutral ref. All I’m hearing is how bullshit the ref was! Haha. He was f**king shit! I can understand the hate!!

* Haha good luck u racist biased prick. I’m proud to be Samoan! IRB my bum, kiss it!

* October 15: “I don’t feel like playing rugby any more. I had to compromise.”

Compromise?  Sounds terrible.




Why?  I don’t get the car flag thing.  Especially the: “Our team were out three weeks ago but I’m still flying the damn flag.”


Our stadium being called “Stadium” after the sponsor’s name was taken down was pretty funny I just wish they’d labelled all our other buildings too: very helpful to tourists.

Walking around Wellington over the last couple of weeks has been great.  The town has been full of tourists from around the world, the waterfront crammed with people, the bars spilling out onto the footpaths – really cool.  Even if you don’t like rugby it’s been nice to experience living in an international city for a fortnight.

Now all we need to do is win the damn thing.

7 thoughts on “Five RWC Moments”

  1. “Does anyone now care about the final?”

    Yes, me. This to me is the almost completion of a dream setting – NZ vs France where we beat them in the final, at Eden Park, again. Now if we can only get past Australia it is all set for the biggest event ever in New Zealand next week.

  2. Well, we’ve already convincingly disposed of France once in this world cup so doing it twice may feel a bit redundant. I hope the French play really, really well in the final (and we win) – a walkover thrashing will take the gloss off the final a little bit. Not a lot, but a little bit.

  3. We’ll win by at least 20 points – they don’t stand a chance. I know what you mean, but not this time.

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