Allow me to introduce myself

Fancy seeing you here

Phil Goff had this entirely accurate thing to say about this meeting:

“This is a way to get a party back in to Parliament that New Zealanders don’t want there and John Key’s allowing that – in fact, he’s not just allowing it, he’s making it happen,” Goff said.

“Frankly, I think the law needs to be changed to stop this kind of gerrymander. You either get in because you’ve got an electorate seat or you get in with list MPs if you get over five per cent.

“But this idea that one party like National can gift you a seat so you can smuggle three or four members of parliament in when you’re not entitled to, that’s wrong. They know it and New Zealanders know it.”

John responded predicatably, “I don’t take a lot of what he says seriously.”  Which unfortuantely is true of most of New Zealand.  Phil is both right and wrong to say the election is not a popularity contest.  You don’t need to exude affability, or charisma, but you need at the least some gravitas (a quality Helen had) if you want people to listen to you.

A nice, cozy chat between friends… no prizes for guessing what the blonde behind John is texting: “OMG…”
Curiously while I have been watching Banks and Key make kissing sounds I have been watching a news story unfold in America which reminded me of Act’s former leader, Rodney Hide.  It is a story about an 84 year old American college football coach called Paterno:
Paterno’s longtime assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is alleged to have sexually abused eight young boys over more than a decade, both before and after his retirement from the team in 1999. Paterno, who is not a target of the investigation, said he was informed of an incident involving Sandusky in 2002 and passed the information up the chain of command to the university’s athletic director.  But Paterno, 84, the winningest coach in big-time college football, was fired on Thursday. He has been criticized for not following up or doing more to address the allegations.

Penn State fired Paterno and Penn State students rioted.  On the other hand, people I am more in sympathy with have summarised my view quite succinctly,

Yeah, pretty much

Which reminds me of this from September, 2010:

Rodney Hide put his political credibility on the line last night by backing MP David Garrett after he admitted stealing a dead baby’s identity to obtain a false passport.

Why Rodney let this slide is anyone’s guess.  Why he didn’t resign as soon as it was publically known is up to Rodney to know and us to be angry about.  Of course he is gone now, replaced by Brash and Banks, but why oh why is Brash being allowed to wend his way back into Parliament?

I suppose using Banks as a beard is helpful, but surely we can still collectively remember the exclusive bretheren lies, the gone by lunchtime quip, and the affair he had?


I suppose we could worry about that, or we could look at the cute blonde.  LOL.


PS – The flow chart is from the completely awesome adulting blog where there are many more flow charts to be found.

2 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce myself”

  1. I can’t speak to issues in New Zealand politics, but I can appreciate the flow-chart. It’s impossible for me to understnad the mindset of the students at Penn State who protested the firing of a man who covered up child rape. Another group of Americans who are a mystery to me.

  2. Yes. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the story (in a story that was already pretty distrubing) was the fact that so many people rioted (of all things) in protest.

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