Street Party

We decided to have a street party.  It was a beautiful day.  Our house was built in 1898 along with most of the others on our little street.  Hears to the chap – a butcher – who stumped up the money in the time of Queen Victoria and Richard Seddon to give us a nice place to live 113 years later.

6 thoughts on “Street Party”

  1. I wanted to leave my congratulations as well. I didn’t really get to say a proper congrats this morning while you were schoomzing (spelling??) with Sally. Well actually I guess you don’t have to schoomze that much now that you have the job. Well done you! I hear nothing but awesome things about you from the girls.

  2. Thanks guys.

    Fflur – The Stage Challenge Guru in my department was telling me you have shifted (and etc) – which is really great. So congratulations to you too.

    Richard – I suspect Fflur’s blogging days may be over.

  3. Yes JP – congrats. well deserved. May your promotion freshen your enthusiasm even more.
    I guess it makes the brave leap to shift schools well worth it now. Sometimes you gotta move sidewasy in order tomove up the ranks. I love SS. Always have and alsways will. My all tiem fav subject as a studnet and now I love to teach it when I get the chance, which is a lot these days. Can’t get enough of it. So addictive. My Dad was a HOD SS so I guess he instilled the love of SS in me. Either that or its in the blood. Just wait and see how your girls turn our as scholars.

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