I write quite a lot about my daughter Eleanor, but not as much about Rosamund.  I think that I have just been waiting for her to get a bit older, and to let my love for her mature and deepen.  She walked yesterday.  That delightful, tottering walk of the bub.  She walked about four or five steps from the sofa at my Mum’s house into the arms of my Mum.  So many milestones get swallowed up and lost in time, but I think I will remember that one forever.

I used to write songs all the time, but I haven’t written one for a couple fo years now.  Somehow things have musically dried up a bit.  So it was nice to feel this song come out of hands and my lungs the other day.  I offer it to you, Rosamund, with love.

One thought on “Rosamund”

  1. That, sir, is a really really cool and sweet little song, made even lovelier by the fact that your wrote it for your daughter. She’s a lucky girl!

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