Welcome to the 2012 team

Here at Man of Errors I am pleased to announce my team of reporters for 2012.  With such a fine group of people around me it’s hard to imagine what could go wrong (unless the Mayan’s are right, LOL).  Let’s summarise what each person will be offering over the next 12 months.

Eleanor is probably our most popular reporter, and we can look forward to another year of her insights into the difficulties of raising two thirty-something adults and a baby sister.  Although Eleanor began school in 2011, this will be her first full year at school and there is a great deal of anticipation around the office about what this year has in store for her, and what she has in store for her parents. 

Hamish is new to the team this year, and has been especially brought in to deal with all of our strange requests.  He has just been sent out to India to rescue a series of book reviews from the incompetent bore who was driving down ratings with his idiotic prattle about Happy Refugees and Singapore.  The unflappable Mr. Krotchpong will undoubtedly save the day.

Also new to the team for 2012, Undecimus will be bringing us all the news, views and insights that the past has to offer with his exciting mix of chauvinism, racism and cheerfully confident wrongheaded opinion dressed up as fact with psuedo-science.  Not only will he be offering us a guide to the past in our fair city, but plans are afoot to send him into a classroom in modern New Zealand disguised as fourteen year old girl to uncover how our children are really being taught by the so called “professionals” in education.

JP has written pieces for us before, and we are glad to announce that we have taken him on fulltime this year as he begins  to write his rock-ography provisionally titled They Said I’d Never Make It.  JP believes that in uncovering the roots of genius no stone should be left unturned.  He is promising a detailed, and utterly enthralling insight into the popular culture of the 80s, starting thirty years ago in 1982.  Along the way he promises to explain his rise from the ashes of Perverted Thrust, into the phoenix of Massive Phallus, and his unexpected reinvention as the rapper BaldyLox in the early 90s.

 Finally, of course, there is little old me.  Man of Errors.  Actually, this is a photo of little, old me.  This year you can expect more of the same from Man of Errors.  I will be attempting to live a better life following a set of unrealistic goals, I will be sometimes raging against “the direction society is taking” (as if I know what I’m talking about); I will probably change the direction of the entire blog twice; and I will have a big sulk at some point and refuse to post anything for a few weeks.  Looking forward to it.

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