Miscellaneous Delights

I give you two treats from The Evening Post of Monday, 15 January 1912.

Not a quack nostrum?  The photographs tell their own story?  Photographs?  Presumably we the humble reader are to assume that a photograph is a type of drawing.  As for the treatment itself it appears to not only restore your hair but turn your whole head of hair into a curly mop.

I am not surprised that a single lady might make goo-goo eyes at a fashionably dressed adonis-like figure.  Surely this male flirt-catcher is promoting the very thing that Mr. Sebastian is trying to stamp out.  Isn’t flirting between the young and free a good thing.  Surely this is not a serious problem? I have certainly never noticed it. 

Perhaps if I tried some extra strength Brice’s Regenerator the fair sex would pay me more attention.

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