Day 18

The interesting thing about goals is the things you find out along the way, and the adjustments to the original goals that you have to make.  You also learn stuff about yourself. 

I have about ten goals, and the first thing I have discovered is that this is too many goals to make happen all at once.  I have decided to tackle them two at a time.  In January I have been focusing mainly on not drinking and Meatless Monday.  Next month I will add two more goals.

Goal One: Not drinking for a year

18 days on I would like to be able to tell you that the desire to have a drink has left me.  I would really, really like to tell you that, but if I did I would be lying.  Friday nights are tough going.  The other nights are actually not too bad now.  18 days without drinking is probably a record for me over the last decade or so.  Still, no need to get too cocky, I have 348 days to go (but who’s counting), and I haven’t started work yet.

Goal Ten: Meatless Monday

The most surprising thing about this goal is that lunch is clearly going to be the problem.  We quite often have a meat free dinner, and I always have toast for breakfast.  Equally though I almost always have a sandwich for lunch with some ham in it.  Three Mondays in I have to admit that I had baked beans one Monday for lunch and discovered it was a fancy can of baked beans with bits of bacon in it.  So I need to watch the lunch thing.

Here’s something I have learnt from these two goals.  People are  confused and laugh at the idea of not drinking, but they hardly ever react to Meatless Monday.  The acceptance of the idea of Vegetarianism has come along way in New Zealand in my life time, but our drinking culture is alive and well.

3 thoughts on “Day 18”

  1. I assume that there will be less posts when you return to school; or, dare I say it, succumb to the demon drink. Meatless Monday? No big deal.

  2. Yep, no big deal, but I remember a time in NZ when people would have laughed at you for suggesting such an idea.

  3. And they would have laughed at Neutrinos, those little particles created as a result of certain types of radioactive decay.
    Hey, back in those days when it was freaky not to eat meat (I’m talking 1960s), my mother told us kids that we would all be driving around in hovercraft twenty years from then. A guy told me in the 70s that basses would soon have sensitive touch spots instead of strings. I gave up practising for a while – didn’t seem much point with the changes in the air.
    Sorry, just rambling on.

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