Loverboy is a Canadian rock group formed in 1980 in Calgary, Alberta. Throughout the 1980s, the band accumulated numerous hit songs in Canada and the United States, earning four multi-platinum albums and selling millions of records. The band’s hit singles, particularly “Turn Me Loose” and “Working for the Weekend”, have become arena rock staples and are still heard on many classic rock radio stations across the United States and Canada. They are currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Like most hard rocking bands in the 80s, Loverboy (aka “Love a Boy”) were a band torn apart by sexual tension and undercurrents that are almost painful to watch.  While tight red leather pants are painful to wear and to watch in of themselves, it was the desperate denied passion between the singer and the guitarist in the band that gave the band its energy, and which the bass player and drummer could only watch.

The video Working for the Weekend* (a thinly veiled metaphor for a macho man’s desire to admit who he really is) begins with the guitarist’s cool gaze on the singer’s assets as he walks away.

On stage the singer and the guitarist are involved in an almost balletic romantic dance.

That builds,

And builds,

But cannot find release.

This tortured, and complex band released many odes to their difficult double lives that were cries for help: Dangerous, This Could be the Night, and Lead a Double Life.

Perhaps their most heartfelt cry was Turn Me Loose

I was here to please

I’m even on my knees

Making love to whoever I please

I gotta do it my way

Or no way at all

Why don’t you turn me loose

Thank goodness we live in more open and frank times.  There 2007 album Just Getting Started says it all.

*Working for the Weekend peaked at number 19 in the NZ Charts in 1982.

2 thoughts on “Loverboy”

  1. Oops!
    I didn’t know that. I liked ‘Turn me loose” (still do)

    I remember buying a Frankie Goes to Hollywood album and getting a funny look from the salesman.

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