Wellington Anniversary Day

In 1912 Wellington was 72 years old if you were British.  If you were British you had a holiday, if you Maori you went to Picton (I jest, the Maori was actually a boat).

I don’t recall the day itself, but it sounds as though the weather was good, and Wellington in a picturesque mood.

Some went to Worser Bay for an outing.

172 years since the Aurora arrived in Wellington I can report that the sky is clear but the wind is up.  Man of Errors will take his family up to see his mother in Karori later.  I think I will venture out to the shop for a tin of cigarettes, and then retire to the front room with a book.

2 thoughts on “Wellington Anniversary Day”

  1. Uncecimus, I’m disappointed you didn’t mention that the true Anniversary Day was actually yesterday, Jan 22nd. Today is just the day it is switched to (this year) so that we can have a day off work. I think it is called a Monday-ised holiday. My older brother was born on the true Wellington Anniversary Day in 1951 – actually born in Napier, but he lives in Wellington now.

  2. Yes, that’s true. Man of Errors wants you to know that he can’t comment on your blog at the moment because it just endlessly tells him the word verification is wrong. What is RBB? Some kind of honour? Royal British Bagpipes perhaps?
    – Undecimus

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