Six New Songs and Blam, Blam, Blam

January is over.  While trawling through the pop charts from January 1982 I discovered a few songs I had never heard before that I really liked, one song that I had forgotten about, and one song that I just wish more people knew about outside of New Zealand.

You can listen to the seven songs here.

The sometimes wonderful Icehouse.  Australians.  They never really sounded like an Australian band from the 80s.  I went to an Icehouse concert once.  I was right next to a speaker which I can report was very loud.  I have never heard this song before and I rather like it.

I also have never heard this song before and I absolutely love it.  The little guitar riff through the chorus and in the solos is wonderful.  Such a great song.  It was in the top ten for ages in early 1982.  One of those “I think I’ll do a solo project” things that produces one great song and not much else I suspect.

Another Australian band.  I have heard this song before, but not for a long time.  I love the sad humour of the chorus.  The follow up single was a lot more irritating but their great single Live it Up was in the future.

One of my favourite songs, with one of my favourite lines: “I want you to be happy, but I’d rather you were here with me.”  Such an unusual sound, dissonant and tuneful, which perfectly suits the paranoid, slightly unbalanced nature of the lyrics.  It’s a brilliant song from beginning to end.

A cheeky little number.  Bill looks so uncomfortable in the video (which gives the video most of its charm), but the the music has such a great, funky little groove on.

Yeah, I know it’s not the original, but punk sort of bores me, and somehow this is far more an effective song sung by a woman.

A New Zealand band that I had never heard of before I started looking at January, 1982.  Their big hit was See Me Go (number one), but I think this song is much better and quite original and striking for its time in New Zealand.  It’s actually not from January 1982, but I couldn’t find a copy of Sunday Boys which was… from January 1982.

Richard and I are looking forward to February, 1982.

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