Ill advised

I think this was Para Rubber’s Please Tease Me label from 1982.

Nothing about Royal Orange reinforced vinyl sounds good.  My distinct memory of these coats was that they made you all sweaty which seemed to defeat the purpose of keeping you dry.

“The latest shiny look.”  Oh how we loved to look shiny in the 80s.


3 thoughts on “Ill advised”

  1. I can still remember the smell of these coats…not sweat, but that very rubbery/plasticy smell. I have to admit I really liked it when it was brand new.

  2. I think I can remember the smell of the brown coat. A very odd smell that became more “memorable” in the rain.

    Check out the school bag of the girl in yellow.

  3. I think I must have had the PVC one, didn’t pick up on the fact that there were all different varieties the first time I looked. The girl in yellow really is a bully target!

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