Day 50

Some of you may remember that I went insane on 1 January and made a huge list of resolutions for 2012.  It came with a youtube clip.

How’s it going I don’t hear you ask?  Well, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be surprised to hear that my non-drinking has received a little bit of media attention recently.

Yeah, me and Brad, we just like to hang sometimes.  It’s cool, but, you know, whatever.

Other goals:

I haven’t donated to a foodbank because I haven’t been paid since 14 December.  I got paid yesterday for the first time in two months.  I’d just like to thank the crack team at PayServe for making my summer holiday a little more stressful than it needed to be.  You guys rock my world.

I haven’t turned off the TV, but I think I’m watching more videos.  More videos from 1981 to 1983.  This is proving to be quite enjoyable.  More on this later.

The Sunlight washing-up liquid has gone.  Mainly it’s gone because I don’t like the fact they don’t say anything about what’s in their product on their product, that they claim brand identity with NZ but let’s face it this product is Australian and international, and they say their product is biodegradable.  Of course it is, it’s a friggin liquid.  What am I – a total idiot?  We changed to the Ecostore brand.  Unlike Pental they want you to go to their website and hear about their environmental record.

Actually, changing washing up brands was interesting (that should be ”interesting” – which suggests that it isn’t really interesting at all, which is closer to the truth).  I washed one load of dishes with regular soap and it worked fine, right up to the point that I told Cathy.  She wasn’t impressed.  As you might recall, one of my clauses in my resolutions was not majorly pissing off my wife.  I washed dishes in soap because I had been reading all these do-goody websites about how to make your own environmentally friendly dishwashing liquid, and it seemed really hard.  Then I thought: “how did they wash dishes in the 19th century?”  Soap.  You see my train of thought now right?

The plastic bag thing drives me crazy.  The number of times I forget to bring my bags to the supermarket is killing me.  Actually Pak’n’Save works quite well on this front, because we have to wheel the trolley down to the boot of the car and unload there.

I have volunteered to work with refugees but all the council flats are being refurbished in Wellington at the moment (which is awesome) so there won’t be a Wellington intake until mid-year.  I’m signed up for the mid-year training.

I walk to work.  The second car is still here, but lives at Granny’s house.  It will probably be sold later in the year.  We usually get our fruit and vege at the local market.  The main benefit of this is that I have a far greater sense of seasonality.  Strawberries come first with asparagus, then we get stone fruit, blueberries much later.  Who knew?

I have figured out who I need to work with in my Year 9 class, but my Year 10 class is less clear.  I will talk to the group of Year 9 students this coming week and start meeting them once a week at lunch.

Not eating meat on Monday is ok.  Changing to coffee beans has meant that my coffee intake overall has dropped hugely because I can’t be bothered grinding beans, and percolating.  This is probably good.  After a few days of headaches I seem to be ok, and boy do I enjoy coffee when I have it.

And Finally:

I had another unstated goal which was to make this blog regular (it’s on a bran diet), and funner.  I also wanted to go and visit other like-minded blogs.  I think that this is going alright.  If you haven’t followed the link in the comments section yet you should definitely go and read Childhood Relived.  It is the funniest blog I think I have ever read.  Actually, scratch that, don’t go and read it, if you do you will never visit this blog again.

I also like The Last Song I Heard which seems to be less regular (too many bananas), and has a cool science fiction twist to it’s musical nostalgia.  The video for the current song is hilarious, but I was pleased to discover that this dude likes The Riddle by Nik Kershaw.  Who knew that Kim Wilde had a song about Bladerunner?

Finally, there is a very talented and cool dude called Moses.  He writes great music and makes great films.  I find him very inspiring.

Your welcome.

3 thoughts on “Day 50”

  1. What a super nice compliment! Seriously, it made my day! I love reading this blog and I was actually going to give you a shout-out soon on my own blog. I’m mentioning this so, when I do, it won’t seem like a lukewarm reciprocal gesture.

    Random thoughts about resolutions. Whole bean coffee tastes so much better, but the sound of the grinder reminds me of forks scraping against plates. I.e. makes me want to bash my head into a wall. Yet I do it for the taste of good coffee. Good for you on local, no-bags and no-meat Monday. I volunteered for a refugee group until it went defunct. (My city is a major refugee relocation site.) Really rewarding experience. Finally, I need to drink more. I’ll add that to my resolutions.

  2. Every year, about this time, I think: “resolutions are so dumb. I’m never making them again.” Roll around January first and I think, “you know what would be great? A resolution or two.” I’m pretty sure age doesn’t bring wisdom; it brings awareness of your own foibles.

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