Small people

I think it would be understating things to say that Women in Print for 4 March, 1912 was eclectic, however, I am beginning to understand Man of Errors better and can usually guess which piece he will like best.  He is a simple man with simple comedic tastes, and I correctly assessed that this little (excuse me) item would tickle his fancy.

Mr. Errors suggested that Marie Jeanette was actually a child and that the people of 1912 were all idiots.  I suggested that a society that funds the antics of the “people” on Jersey Shore or Keeping Up With the Kardashians is not in a position to judge.   As for the claim that she was 14 centimetres at birth?  Well, it must have been an easy delivery.

Mr. Errors is perhaps unaware that the person at the head of this article – General Tom Thumb – was an actual person of great celebrity and had only reached the height of 3’4″ at the time of his death at the age of 45.  When he first became famous he was well under three foot.

Mr Stratton (to use his real name) appeared regularly in the papers here, but usually in a comic light.

The Evening Post reported that General Tom Thumb had at different times:

  • Kissed two million ladies
  • Wooed a little maid and was set to “wed, wed, wed”
  • Was arrested in Savannah for driving his miniature carriage on the sidewalk and fined $10

Amongst other things.

His marriage was fully reported around the world as was his death.  When he began his career he was famous for dressing up as Napoleon.  Presumably this wasn’t a big draw when he toured France.

Marie Jeanette, on the other hand, never reappears in the record of the Evening Post.

10 thoughts on “Small people”

  1. This is a brilliant commentary: I suggested that a society that funds the antics of the “people” on Jersey Shore or Keeping Up With the Kardashians is not in a position to judge.

  2. She added nothing to her 5 inch height by the time she was two years old? Really? I’m trying to imagine my two year old son at that height. I wonder how long it’d take for my dog to eat him.

  3. Pretty much. They believe in 14cm two year olds, we believe the Kardashians are fascinating. Who’s to say which is more ridiculous?

  4. Yeah, I noticed this “fact-ette” as well. Five inches until the age of two. Seems odd that this wasn’t the point where her parents thought they should tell the world.

  5. Is there where Mary Lousia Alcott got the idea for her book Little Women?? Yes, I know she was dead by then, but that’s a techncality. You’re failing to take into consideration her status as a Timelord.

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