Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman

I love this ad.  I love it because it’s silly, and because of the gymnastics the ad executives have gone through to make their dumb idea work.  Here’s the main photo:

I’m not even a woman, but haven’t we all, at some point in our lives, had to face an African lion in an unrealistic Asian setting?  Of course, as a man, I just wrestled the lion to the ground with my bare hands and let it know who was boss, but as a woman it’s nice to know that when a lion attacks you have an electric shaver at hand to terrify and bewilder savage nature.  Although, I have to say, this lion doesn’t look too savage, actually this lion is really working the camera.

Close scrapes?  See, in New Zealand I’m pretty sure the more common idiom would be close shaves.  You can see why they didn’t go down that path though: “Because you’ve been through enough close shaves… so here’s a shaver that doesn’t shave that close.”

Also, I would just like to add, that although my knowledge of Asian scripts is pretty basic, whatever is printed on those boxes is no language known to man.

You can shave when and where you like.


You can shave at the dinner table.  On the bus to work.  At that business meeting.  And should you fall into the lion enclosure at the zoo?  No worries.

20 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman”

  1. I don’t know that I ever cut myself shaving to the point where I would’ve said, “I might as well have been mauled by a lion while vacationing in Asia.” But I wish now I would’ve said that at least once in my life. Always, always I wish to have the chance to be a tiny fly on the wall of a board room while someone is pitching the Worst Ad Ever.

  2. Yes, you can almost hear the cogs turning. Some ad-writer brainstormed ‘close shave’ and some other turkey came up with ‘too close for comfort’ and off they went into the realms of ridiculousness.
    Still, nothing changes. Most of the rubbish on TV works the same way. I often like to reverse engineer ads and work out what the initial idea or concept for an ad is. Most are quite facile really like the new State insurance ad or the Codrex one. Pathetic.

  3. Lady Shaving. Another pleasantry of having daughters you will have to put up with. Mine wanted to star shaving their legs as soon as they noticd they had leg hair. AAAANo thtat I could see it. But all their friends were doing it. The Venus razors had jsut come out on the market too. this is about 10 years ago. Bloody advertising!. Elder daughter even had to take hers to camp in Year 8! (Aged 12!!) OMG!! I don’t recall starting to shave my legs until after I had left school. They were blonde too. Dad would get pissed off with me using his razor as it “made it go blunt real quick”. Well so he said. I ended up getting a lady shave but never really liked it. Think its still around buried at the back of the vanity unit cupboard.

    Yes it’s hard to be a woman. Even worse if you are bloke trying to be a woman (like a former boss I had before I retrained as a teacher). But hta’s another story I shall share another day.

  4. Did she not only overpower the lion, but the clean-shaven model managed to turn a lion into a lioness. Damn, she’s good.

    And that, I imagine is what the advertisers were looking for — with this product you can totally emasculate your mate!

  5. This is a good idea for a blog. If I were a talented cartoonist I would rename this blog “Fly on the Wall”, put up a stupid ad, and then draw a cartoon of the “eureka” moment in the ad exec’s office. Oh, I am so doing this – bad drawings ahoy!

  6. Yeah. I agree with all points. In a truly bad ad there must always be two interesting points in the process: (1) when they have the dumb idea and everyone goes “that’s great”, and (2) when they begin to suspect it’s a dumb idea but have invested too much time and money to pull out.

  7. I want a portion of your profits earned by that future post — it is sure to make you millions someday. Especially if the fly is on the wall during the pitch for that parachuting woman having her period.

  8. “It’s hard to be a woman. (Even worse if you are bloke trying to be a woman.)”

    I just wanted to quote this again, because I think it would be a fantastic title for an alt. country album.

  9. The Lion(ess) seems pretty cool with it. Probably enjoying having all the hair off its neck (“I feel so light and free”).

  10. I’ve often wanted to be present for the pitch from the writers of the show “Quincy” starring Jack Klugman. Quincy was a pathologist. I often imagine it went something like this:

    “Let’s put on a show!”

    “Great Idea. I’ve got a Morgue!”

    “Terrific. Let’s get some of the folks in the neighborhood to die and we can cut them up!”

  11. Ok, cut it out. You used the words profits and post in the same sentence. That’s just mean. Funny, but mean.

  12. The problem is there is too much material. I mean, if you’re doing TV shows why not do political policies. “OMG – I’ve got it – we’ll call all this BS the trickle down effect!”

  13. Actually, just yesterday I was at the zoo. And I had to comment on the lion who had a huge mound of hair in his arm pits. It looked terribly uncomfortable. The lionesses clearly used Ladyshavers because they didn’t have the unsightly bulge.

  14. When it’s called Runoff Economics or Backwash Economics, it just doesn’t sell as well, does it? “Regan Backwash Theory. Let’s run with that, Ron.”

  15. LOL I feel like I came late to the party and now all the funny stuff’s been said already… *sigh*

    …this is what happens when you drive for five hours the night before and then spend nearly as long writing your own blog post during the day…

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