A break


On Friday I found out that a dear friend of mine had died.  It seems it was a heart attack in bed.  He was 42.  I’ve spent a lot of time since with friends, and with Cathy, but it’s the kind of news that takes a lot out of you.  My friend lived in London and liked to read my blog.  At the moment I feel like never blogging again, but I know that won’t last.  I’m not sure how long the break will be.  Maybe I’ll be back sheepishly posting something on the weekend, or maybe it will be in a few months.  I have left the comments function on this post, but I may not check it for some time so don’t be offended or alarmed if I don’t reply.  Anyway, thanks for reading, and I’m sure I’ll see you all soon.



6 thoughts on “A break”

  1. I’m so very sorry, JP. Was this in mind when you posted the song recently? I’m sorry that he lived so far away. I’m glad he read your blog so you could be in touch in that way. Hope to see you around sometime soon. My sympathy to you.

  2. Wow… I’m very sorry, JP… truly I am… I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. We’ll be here for you, whenever you’re ready, and of course you know you can always reach out if you need to.

    Best wishes, mate.

  3. Sorry to hear about your friend. It is always a shock when someone we know passes, but even more so when they were not that old, and it seemed had many years of living yet to do. I lost a dear friend to Melanoma in January and she was so full of life and involved with her community as well as working and had raised 4 great kids into fineyoung adults. She was told she had the all clear in October, but then the sneaky thing came back. They must have missed some cells that sneaked through the chemo and surgery. The end came quick, but I am still reeling. Likewise with several other old friends and collaeagues who went far too young, due to heart attacks and accidents and cancers. Really makes you think .What is this life all about? I have come to the conclusion I must enjoy every day as best I can, and love and hold my family ever nearer and love them so much more. Count your blessings. You are so lucky to have know this individual and shared their life. May the memories sustain you in your time of sorrow and beyond.

    Take care JP and family.

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