Another break

I’m taking a break until about 1 July.  See you soon (ish).

5 thoughts on “Another break”

  1. Do you celebrate Father’s Day in New Zealand? Here in the states, we did just yesterday. So Happy Father’s Day from this side of the world! Hope you’re having a nice blogging break.

  2. Yes we do, but it’s later in the year for some reason. I’ll put your good wishes in my pocket and get them out again a later. I had a dream about blogging the other day – I can’t tell if that is a good or a bad sign. Anyway, I was reading one of your posts (in my dream… I know, exciting, I dream about reading) and you should know it was so funny I just stole it and used it on my blog. This is a compliment and a weird insight into my dreams which makes me sound both boring and immoral at the same time.

  3. It’s my own fault. I’ve never posted a copyright notice. What would be interesting is if you stole the Dynomite post where your photo is featured. That will be Monday, by the way. If you’re even around to defend yourself.

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