Justice for all

I think justice is equal parts punishment and restoration.  I think you have to allow people who have broken a law to keep their dignity, and help them towards becoming a part of a compassionate society again.  There are a few complete shits out there, but generally people end up criminals for a reason.  The fact that 15% of the population as a whole identify as Maori, but 50% of the prison population do, tells you something.  Not about the criminality of Maori, but about the history of our society.

I think it is revolting to watch a Minister climb on top of the crushed car of boy racer in ridiculous high heeled boots and pose for the camera with a smile on her face.  I think it is wasteful to destroy the car, and either gimmicky or spiteful to pose on top of it.  I don’t think justice should be gimmicky or spiteful.  I think if you want to humiliate someone, you should be prepared to be humiliated.



2 thoughts on “Justice for all”

  1. The driver of the car is with us. He’s a boy racer. In other words a teenage boy who mucks about with cars. If you get three strikes now you get your car taken off you and crushed because… um, it makes good PR? Actually, boy racers are dicks, it’s turning justice into a gimmick that makes me cross. Not to mention the implied added humiliation.

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