A short summary

For those of you who found the letter to Rodney a bit long, or pompous, here is a short precis of why all New Zealanders should encourage Maori to be culturally assertive and proud of their language and culture.

Exhibit One:

Kapo-o-pango haka at its debut.

I am a pretty poor specimen of a man but I think we can all agree this is powerful stuff delivered with intensity and mana.

If a lot of hard work and suffering had not gone into battling for the rights of land, language and culture down to the present day we wouldn’t have this haka.

We would have this.

Exhibit Two:

I rest my case.

8 thoughts on “A short summary”

  1. I’ve always found the Haka a bit aggressive. Well, isn’t it a dance one does before going to war? Maybe our national rugby team needs something a bit more welcoming? I’ve noticed, with the All Blacks, that the Haka has got more aggressive, but the rugby has got less intense. Maybe the Haka wears our mighty warriors out? Maybe they need a bit of love making before their game – a bit of stroking and rubbing. Maybe they need a few women in their midst.

  2. Stroking and rubbing! Good lord. I think we had better keep you away from the coaching job in the All Blacks.

  3. The Haka sends a powerful message to it’s audience, both verbally and visually, and for what ever occassion it is delievered at. It is not all about rugby, but tikanga.

  4. I don’t think the haka is suppossed to appear welcoming whne used at the start of a rugby match. The particular Haka’s the use are the warrior/war ones – designed to put the fear into the opposition and psyche them out mentally. Different hakas are used for different occassions.

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