Are we even listening to the same thing?

On Sunday I sat down and watched the music channel C4 for about an hour for the first time in probably three years.  What was amazing about this experience was that every song that I liked was by a New Zealander, and the rest seemed to be a kind of endless pappy sludge.

Firstly, Aradhna’s new song… the more we head towards the Amy Winehouse sound the better.  Great voice.  Cool lyrics.  Nice video.

Next person I’ve never heard of with great voice: Iva Lamkum

Which made me reflect on the likes of Ladyhawke, and Gin Wigmore, and Holly Smith, and Bic Runga, and Anika Moa.  Where have all the dudes gone in NZ music.

Here’s hope.  Computers Want Me Dead (great name).  Kind of mid-career New Order, good Pet Shop Boys, and techno music.

And then I heard Ria Hall.  Oh boy.  Her EP is out now for about $8 (same for Computers Want Me Dead, actually).

I thought this song was outstanding:

My excitement about this awesome woman was heightened by the news that she will be speaking at our end of year prizegiving.

Anyway… so I walked into my classroom at lunchtime to get something, and the students were lounging about talking in a huge mob listening to Britney Spears which I couldn’t let pass.  I mean, really, Britney Spears?  Toxic might be good but there endeth the goodness of Britney Spears.  Naturally, when confronted with a bald middle-aged man taunting them about their music tastes these students did what all teenagers would do and started mocking my music tastes.  This led to an i-pod off.

Listen to this great New Zealand music I said defiantly.

Nothing.  A wall of indifference as we listened to a little of each of the tracks above.  After a while one student said: “there is no good New Zealand music.”  No good New Zealand music!  Are we even listening to the same thing?

We parted in mutual disgust, both of us thinking the same thing I’m sure: “who was that clown?”

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