Frustrated bosses say they can’t find suitable workers for even the most basic of labouring jobs despite the high unemployment rate, as they deal with people who turn up drunk if they come to work at all.

Some employers say they are dealing with dozens of applicants unpresentable and unfit for work and they fear it’s only going to get worse as the next wave of benefit reforms starts to settle in and more beneficiaries are forced to actively look for work.

Employers and Manufacturers Association Northern chief executive Kim Campbell said he was constantly hearing complaints from employers about jobseekers who don’t show up on time, can’t fill in forms, or once landing the job, disappear for days.

“That includes people who allegedly have skills. They just don’t have civic skills; they don’t know how to be citizens.”

Mr Campbell said the problem could be more noticeable because the recession had driven skilled workers overseas and “we’re left with the dregs”.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said the latest round of welfare changes were aimed at addressing some of the problems employers were seeing.

“We’ll expect jobseekers to be drug-free, available and actively looking for work and there are sanctions for those who refuse to make that effort.”

Training was available to prepare people for work, such as help putting together a CV, or with how to act in an interview. However, the Government could do only so much to address the problems.


How to put together a CV.

How to act in an interview.


That must be useful after twenty years of dysfunction.  Just in case we wonder where this is going, we can just look at England.

It reminds me of ACC targets.

It disgusts me.

2 thoughts on ““Dregs””

  1. Well I’m fed up with hearing about great bright talented new university graduates in this country being shortlisted an interviewed for jobs only to be told they missed out to someone with 8 years experience. This is in teaching! Oh please give the newbies a bloody break will you and stop hiring the friends and associates of your whanau or foreign English speaking migrants who are using New Zealand as a stepping stone to get jobs and residency in Aussie. In the mean time people like my young relieving colleague and my daughter can not pay their rent let alone their student loan the government so kindly hoodwinked them into taking to train as teachers in this country when there are not enough jobs for new grads or schools don’t want to take on the risk of a beginning teacher. How do I tell my daughter at 23 to apply for the dole when I have raised her to seek the value of education and entering a good profession! Then one wonders why so many of her friends are becoming solo mothers on the DPB even in their early twenties. Go figure! Something is fundamentally wrong in this country today.

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