Little Buckets: 24 April, 1913


[The historian] will row out over that great ocean of material, and lower down into it, here and there, a little bucket, which will bring up to the light of day some characteristic specimen, from those far depths, to be examined with a careful curiosity.

Lytton Strachey

Evening Post, Volume LXXXV, Issue 96, 24 April 1913, Page 8

I think we should give this a go.  Anyone found drunk should be ordered to leave town.  There are only a couple of problems I can see.  One would be that there is no official definition of what a town is in New Zealand.  We would have to tidy that up.  Secondly, we would need to know how many towns there are in New Zealand.  Perhaps about 450?  Any system that gives you 450 chances before you get deported is a pretty generous system.

Also, mulcting people.  Governments should definitely bring this word back because people won’t know what’s happening and are less likely to complain.  Imagine being found guilty of something and being told you will be mulcted?  Possibly you imagine some kind of disturbing and unpleasant punishment (being licked by a toothless man?), but it can’t be as bad as paying a hefty fine, right?


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