There was never a way that this was not going to happen

It’s 1984.  Well, thirty years ago it is.  Thirty years ago it is January 1984 and I am on my summer holiday and in a couple of weeks I will be starting Form One.

There was never a way that this was not going to happen, I was always going to do this: painfully and ecstatically relive 1984.  Aside from the fact that 1984 was the high-water mark year for 80s pop music, it was also a significant year in New Zealand politics, and one of the first years in my life that I remember pretty well.

You should know that I have a truly crap memory.  It’s awful.

It is not, therefore, without irony that I am a History teacher.

There are two ways I am going to relive this year in my life.  Firstly, by posting once a month on this website a longer post about something to do with me, pop culture and 1984.  Well, I’ll probably do that. My forward planning and follow through on this blog are pretty rubbish.  The other way is by tweeting.  On this blog I like to maintain the crumbling facade that I am intelligent and reflective. On Twitter it’s much easier to be myself.  Unfortunately this self appears to be a dick.

I will be tweeting 1984 from @eightyfournia (or, if you don’t tweet, I’ll put it all on this blog:

Jan 1984a

5 thoughts on “There was never a way that this was not going to happen”

  1. Ooh, nice. If I was going to do this, it would be for 1987 (I was in form two). But there’s something to be said for that phase in one’s life, grappling with the transition from childhood to teendom. And of course, it always helps when there’s good music along for the ride!

  2. Oh, I love 1984! So much good (bad) music! I even remember and can sing for you a song promoting the new year in 1984 that was run on the promos for Friday Night Videos (a great show that you likely missed…the name tells it all). Basically the lyrics are just “1984 (repeat)”. Okay, I guess I don’t need to sing it for you.

  3. Robyn – Exactly. A little switch goes off in your head and you suddenly notice the world and the world is full of pop goodness (then worrying about “cool” comes in and muddies the water).

    Angie – Oh! So good to hear from you. You say that I don’t need to hear you sing it, but we both know that’s a lie. I trawled through the entire top 50 chart in NZ for 1984 and almost had a pop-tastic melt down.

  4. New baby has sucked up my wasted time ;). The song was just written to promote Friday Night Videos for that year. Sorry I led you down the path to nowhere!

  5. Already on that path (lovely views of other people’s lives).

    Congratulations on all the good things, and commiserations on all the stressful things. Hope everything is going well. Drop by anytime you are free (ha! free? I crack myself up).

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