Wellington Anniversary Day

In 1912 Wellington was 72 years old if you were British.  If you were British you had a holiday, if you Maori you went to Picton (I jest, the Maori was actually a boat).

I don’t recall the day itself, but it sounds as though the weather was good, and Wellington in a picturesque mood.

Some went to Worser Bay for an outing.

172 years since the Aurora arrived in Wellington I can report that the sky is clear but the wind is up.  Man of Errors will take his family up to see his mother in Karori later.  I think I will venture out to the shop for a tin of cigarettes, and then retire to the front room with a book.

Wear White

In 1981 and 1982 white was the new black.  This was good news for polar bears but bad news for any kind of hearty dish with tomato sauce in it.  Have you tried to get tomato sauce off a white jacket?  Perhaps the desire to wear white explains nouvelle cuisine.

Here we have a New Zealand ad from January 1982 for an exotic beverage called wine, featuring a lady dressed in white (including white stirrup pants).

And here we have my good self with my Don Johnson jacket on (probably about 1990…I was behind the fashion times).

Of course, neither the model in the wine ad or I were actually trendsetters.  We were both pursuing a trend that was all across the pop videos of 1982.

The Bucks Fizz dreamboats singing Piece of the Action* were modelling dead zebra,

and dead snow leopard.

Simon Le Bon was rocking a white suit and  headband for Girls on Film*,

Some dude called Al Jarreau* was kickin’ back for a croon on a bar stool in a snappy all white number,

and Haircut 100* were proving that white was so cool you could even wear it as a lovely knitted top (I bet his Nan was proud when she saw him on the telly).

The bass player in Haircut 100 looks like an actual proper bass player, but unfortunately it’s not very rock’n’roll to have your bass up at nipple height.  Still, at least he’s wearing white and has a proper haircut.

In fact, all of this white must be one of the reasons that An Officer and a Gentleman was one of the top movies of 1982.

Well, that and the fact you practically get to see Richard Gere’s wang.


*Bucks Fizz, Piece of the Action, “peaked” at number 31 on the NZ charts in 1982

*Duran Duran, Girls on Film, peaked at number 4 on the NZ charts in 1982

*Al Jarreau, We’re in this Love Together, peaked at number 24 on the NZ charts in 1982

*Haircut 100, Favourite Shirts, “peaked” at number 32 on the NZ charts in 1982